State Duma of the Russian Federation


Sergei Sopchuk's gold was taken away


The deputy's gold mining was confiscated.

Leonid Slutsky was looking for grants in the USA


The deputy's fund drove Enrique Iglesias on the list of volunteers.

Hot Finnish guys Katenev and Timchenko


We continue to talk about “foreign agents” within the government, who are fighting in words with foreign influence on Russian politics, but in fact are buying real estate in Europe. This time it's about Finland.

Vadim Belousov promoted the road builders in full


The State Duma deputy was not tried for a bribe of 3 billion rubles.

United Russia sold Baikal


Dputats from the United Russia have canceled the conservation status of the territories around the lake.

Volodin's new wife gave her mother-in-law an apartment for half a billion


The State Duma speaker has acquired a young wife and an elite apartment.

Fighter with foreign agents Leonid Levin owns billions with Cyprus offshore


State Duma deputy, author of the law on foreign agents, makes money to serve the presidential administration.

Inga Yumasheva told the FBI about all Putin's secrets


The State Duma speaker called the interrogation of the deputy a cynical provocation.

Valentina Tereshkova will save the Volga from Alexey Mordashov


State Duma deputies are concerned about Alexey Mordashov’s plans to build a pulp and paper mill on the Volga.

Valery Hartung will disassemble the "Victory" for parts


The GAZ Group may revoke the right to a trademark.

Alexander Nekrasov will pay for the "Leader"


From the State Duma deputy demanding the return of the company.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky applied liberal money approach to the party


The irremovable leader of the Liberal Democratic Party turned the party into a personal enrichment tool at the expense of the state budget and not only.

Aleksey Chepe was honored


The parliamentarian from the "Fair Russia" Alexei Chepa found property for nearly 3 billion rubles.

Spain has ceased to consider Vladislav Reznik the Russian mafia


Justified State Duma deputy wants to punish the Spanish law enforcement officers.

Mordashov sponsored United Russia from his Cyprus offshore


The financial assistance of the party in power turns into exclusive rights to access government contracts.

Scandalous Peter Zhukov squeeze the juice from the Russians


The son of the vice-speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Alexander Zhukov, who is fond of massacre and chess, will work on healthy nutrition.

Rostelecom has prepared an unpleasant surprise for Russians


Following him will do the same and other operators.

Spanish court recognized the absence of "Russian mafia" in the country


Spanish Themis justified 17 people, among whom were State Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik and his wife Diana Gindin. Now, instead of several years in prison, they will be compensated.

Russian deputies and governors did not notice their pensions


The deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation who have reached the retirement age and representatives of the governor's corps from the size of pensions practically do not depend and often do not even register them.

Vyacheslav Volodin threatened with the abolition of state pensions in Russia


Speaker of the State Duma said that such an option is not ruled out in case of failure of the pension reform.

Two members of "United Russia" paid for failure to support the decision to raise the retirement age


Sergei Zheleznyak and Natalya Poklonskaya parted ways with the party line.

All foreign visa centers can be closed in Russia


State Duma deputies from United Russia prepared amendments to the federal legislation on the accreditation of foreign visa centers in Russia. The amendments are such that these centers will be closed.

Maria Butina faces imprisonment in the US


The US Justice Department detained the founder of the organization "The right to arms" for acting as an agent of influence in favor of Russia, which in America is illegal. The protégé of ex-senator Alexander Torshin now faces up to 10 years in prison.

Yamal businessman and former state Duma Deputy want to take away the castle


German authorities accuse the co-owner of the company Novatek and the former State Duma deputy in the illegal acquisition of the ancient castle of Reinhardsbrunn and intend to take away the property.

Russia was not ready for the "package of laws" by Irina Yarovoy


In Russia, no equipment has been created to implement the "Yarovoi Law", which came into force on July 1 and obliged telecommunications companies to store mobile and Internet traffic for six months for special services and law enforcement agencies.

Ashot Yeghiazaryan will sit in a Russian prison for seven years


If he returns from the US back. While the former State Duma deputy and criminal businessman was convicted in absentia.

In the Kurgan region, the cult of Putin was born


A deputy of the State Duma will deliver a monument to Vladimir Putin in the Kurgan region, despite the objections of the AP.

Russian manufacturers rebelled against the law on punishments for supporting US sanctions


Russian manufacturers of household appliances may lose foreign investors if the Duma approves the draft on punishment for sanctions. This was reported in the letter to the head of the lower house of parliament by representatives of the profile association RATEK.