Stockholm International Arbitration Court


Poland defeated Miller at Stockholm Arbitration


State PGNIG expects to recover about $ 1.5 billion from Gazprom.

"Naftogaz of Ukraine" recalled "Gazrom" overpayments for gas in the EU


Kiev plans to seek from Gazprom $ 110 million for forced purchase of gas in the EU countries.

"Naftogaz" hardly returned under arrest the shares of structures of "Gazprom" Nord Stream


The Ukrainian company in pursuit of 2.65 billion dollars from Gazprom barely has time to resume the arrest of shares of Nord Stream AG and Nord Stream 2 AG.

Linguistics became the last refuge of "Gazprom"


The Russian gas corporation demanded to reconsider the verdict of the Stockholm arbitration on the basis of a linguistic examination. According to Gazprom, the verdict of arbitration about the dispute with the Ukrainian Naftogaz was not written by the arbitrator.

Gazprom asked the Stockholm Arbitration to protect it from Ukrainian Naftogaz


Gazprom sent documents to the Stockholm Arbitration Court for the termination of contracts with Naftogaz for the supply and transit of gas through Ukraine.

Gazprom complained to Swedish court in Sweden


The company appealed against the decision of Stockholm Arbitration under the contract for the supply of gas to Ukraine in the court of Sweden.

The third gas war: what is needed for Gazprom


Breaking the contract with Ukraine will enable the corporation to defeat the defeat in the Stockholm arbitration.

Gazprom ready to fight with Ukraine


Alexey Miller responded to the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration Court.

Gazprom will pay Ukraine 2.56 billion dollars


Such a decision was eventually adopted by the International Arbitration Court in Stockholm.