LLC Stroygazmontazh, through its subsidiaries, engages in the construction of oil and gas infrastructure in the Russian Federation. Its activities include trunk gas pipeline construction, onshore facilities construction, offshore construction, and gasification of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. 

The company also provides services for various sectors of the construction within the oil and gas industry, including engineering, procurement, field infrastructure development, major repair, and quality control services; and manufactures process equipment for the oil and gas industry, including heat exchangers, special pressure vessels (columns, reactors, and separators), oil pumps, and pipe fittings. 

The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Moscow, Russian Federation. LLC Stroygazmontazh operates as a subsidiary of Milasi Engineering Limited.

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Rotenberg and Timchenko share proven personnel with Gazprom


The concern took the contractors to the leadership of its new subsidiary.

"Power of Siberia" hit coronavirus


In March, the Power of Siberia gas pipeline export to China will be stopped for equipment prevention. Only three months have passed since its launch.

Rotenberg business empire temporarily cringed


How the business of the family of a friend of the president, billionaire Arkady Rotenberg, is changing.

Arkady Rotenberg sold Stroygazmontazh to unknown persons


Billionaire Arkady Rotenberg sold Gazprom’s largest contractor to a company registered a few months before the deal, its sole founder previously owned ten companies, nine of which ceased to exist.

Arkady Rotenberg successfully tapped Stroygazmontazh to Miller


The businessman closed the deal to sell Gazprom’s largest contractor, the buyer was a subsidiary of the gas monopoly, and the deal amounted to about 75 billion rubles.

Arkady Rotenberg and Gennady Timchenko will share with Gazprom the most expensive


Gazprom negotiates the purchase of recipients of multi-billion dollar contracts for the construction of gas pipelines and the Crimean Bridge - Stroygazmontazh and Stroytransneftegaz. This should help the monopoly reduce sanction risks.

Arkady Rotenberg plunges headlong into the theater


According to the plan of Vladimir Putin, in three cities of Russia and the Crimea in the next four years they will build large cultural centers with a total cost of at least 120 billion rubles. Build them will be the company Stroygazmontazh.

Arkady Rotenberg, Yuri Kovalchuk and Nikolai Shamalov: Crimea is theirs


How Crimea became a profitable business for Putin’s friends.

Arkady Rotenberg will provide 80 billion rubles from Russian culture


The Stroygazmontazh oligarch received contracts for the construction of cultural and museum complexes in Sevastopol, Vladivostok and Kaliningrad.

Gazprom avenged an undesirable analyst


Sberbank CIB decided to dismiss analyst Alex Fack, who previously produced reports on Russian oil and gas companies. In the last report, he noted that Gazprom does not work in the interests of its shareholders, but in the interests of contractors - the companies of the Rothenberg clan and Gennady Timchenko.

"Gazprom" works for Rotenbergs and Gennady Timchenko


Sberbank CIB accused Gazprom of infringing the interests of shareholders. According to banking analysts, Gazprom's largest contractors turned out to be the main beneficiaries of the expensive construction of the Siberia, Northern Stream-2 and Turkish Stream export pipelines. Their cost was 93.4 billion dollars.

How in just two years the Crimean bridge was built


Movement of cars on it will begin early in the morning on May, 16th.

Arkady Rotenberg disowned the security of the Crimean bridge


The construction contractor, Stroygazmontazh, does not want to be responsible for these problems, but dumped everything on the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

Arkady Rothenberg reached the children


The businessman will launch an "entertaining and developing" project for Krugozor children on the basis of the Artek pioneer camp in the Crimea, as well as in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The Rothenberg family received in 2017 state orders for 600 billion rubles


The companies owned by Arkady, Boris and Igor Rothenberg, in 2016, received the masters almost 600 billion rubles.

Bloomberg says Rotenberg’s company to build Sakhalin bridge


Arkady Rotenberg's Stroygazmontazh will get a contract for the construction of a bridge to Sakhalin Island, says Bloomberg. At present, the company is already executing a contract for the construction of the Crimean bridge across the Kerch Strait.

The richest family clans in Russia


Forbes has been ranking the most successful entrepreneurial dynasties for four years consequently. The cumulative wealth of the ten richest families of Russia over the past year has increased by $2 billion, up to $27 billion. In three of them, newcomers appeared who received shares in business.

How the daughters of a FSB general do business


The family of the FSB "caretaker", with the help of intelligence and businessmen from the Forbes list, invests in fashion, development and hunting.

Kings of the state order - 2017: Forbes rating


The multi-billion government contracts are obtained by mysterious contractors without tenders. 

Chinese game of Gennady Timchenko


The businessman told about his new hockey club, business interests in China and disclosed his family's share in Stroytransneftegaze.

Timchenko's family is the owner of 50% of the largest contractors of Gazprom


Businessman Gennady Timchenko told RBC that together with his family he owns "at least half" of one of the largest Gazprom contractors, Stroytransneftegaz. Previously it was known that 31.5% of the company belonged to Timchenko.

The cost of the Kerch bridge project exceeded 300 billion rubles


This amount includes the costs of the bridge itself and its approaches.

Bridge building turned into a honeypot


Another 18 billion rubles were paid in advance for construction of the Kerch bridge to Stroygazmontazh owned by Arkady Rotenberg, says the customer's representative in the Kerch bridge project, PKU "Uprdor Taman" (the entity of Rosavtodor).

Rotenberg's hand in the pockets of the Kerch bridge builders


Strange things happen with the construction of the Kerch bridge, which is conducted by Stroygazmontazh owned by Arkady Rotenberg. 

Vicious circle: 57 billion rubles for the Kerch bridge suspended on customer accounts


As it became known to Forbes, the transfer of the contract for the construction of the bridge to the Crimea to treasury support, which caused the suspencion in funding the bridge, is delayed.

Save and preserve: what happened to Ziyad Manasir's construction business


In the spring of 2015, the former billionaire sold Stroygazkonsalting company. Forbes finds out why, and what does Ramzan Kadyrov's friend Ruslan Baysarov have to do with it. 

Hitting the inner circle: how Putin's friends suffered from sanctions


On March 20, 2014 the US government first imposed personal sanctions against Russian businessmen and top managers of state-owned companies from the Russian President Vladimir Putin's entourage.

Martial arts master: how Arkady Rotenberg's companies actually work


In companies under Arkady Rotenberg's full control, the vertical of power is created by the master of martial arts and their teams.