the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation


Leonid Melamed is almost innocent


Former top managers of Rosnano Melamed and Ponurov were released from custody.

Billionaire Konstantin Strukov kills miners


A mine collapsed in the Chelyabinsk region: Will the management of the company registered in Cyprus be punished for that?

Udmurt bridges could not bear the governor Soloviev


The head of Udmurtia Alexander Soloviev fell victim to the greed and denunciations of his colleagues related to the carving of the budget for road construction in the republic.

Thieves and VTB


The corporate culture is based on the state bank embezzlement and murders of witnesses.

Colonel shared his bribe with a general


A former Deputy Commander of the Russian Interior Ministry troops has been arrested.

The Anti-Corruption Fund asked the Investigative Committee to initiate a criminal case against Medvedev and Usmanov


It argues that the oligarch gave the premiere a mansion worth 5 billion rubles.

Anti-pokemon and anti-US fighters: what bills were adopted thanks to the futigive Russian MPs


The couple of the State Duma MPs Maria Maksakova and Denis Voronenkov are expelled from the parties they represented: United Russia and the Communist Party. RBC writes on the resonant bills of the fugitive deputies. 

The fall of black pharmacist Igor Vorobey


A major bankrupcy is brewing in the pharmaceutical sector in Russia for the first time in recent years. The tax inspection revealed violations at the St. Petersburg company RIA Panda; the amount of pre-accrual amounted to 1,141,056,000 rubles.

Russian Duma ex-deputies Voronenkov and Maksakova fled to Ukraine


Russian communists and micro-oligarchs Denis Voronenkov and his wife Maria Maksakova ended up being Ukrainian nationalists.   

Alexander Horoshavin stole a diamond pen while sitting in a jail cell


Observers suspect the hand of General Vladimir Markin.

Nose dive of Dmitry Strashnov


Security officials became interested in "aircraft" procurement of the Russian Post, which took place without competition and at an inflated price. This investigation may lead to the resignation of the federal state unitary enterprise's head, Dmitry Strashnov, observers say.

Investigators and prosecutors cannot find places for themselves


Prosecutor General's Office and the Investigative Committee need 27 billion rubles to provide housing for their officers.

Ulyukayev braces up for court in camera


The investigation is sure to proof the guilt of ex-Minister of Economic Development, in particular with the help of records of negotiations. The names of most of his interlocutors are classified.

The self-recording device told about the flaps


A new version of the Tu-154 crash.

How McLaren's report threats the career of Mutko


More than a thousand Russian athletes might have been involved in the machinations with a doping test, says a new report of Richard McLaren for WADA. Sources told RBC whether the scandal could cost Vitaly Mutko the post of deputy prime minister.

How Shakro Young entrusted his wealth to a frozen food queen


The investigation failed to arrest the multi-million property of Zakhariy Kalashov because the criminal lord made it over to his wife and seller of frozen foods.

Who Framed Yevgeny Dod


Top manager Andrey Rappoport deceived Anatoly Chubais, but stumbled on trying to do the same with Igor Sechin.

Integrated space thefts


Whose fault was that Vladimir Putin had to watch the first launch from the Vostochny cosmodrome from a trench?

Thin "business lines"


Transport company Business Line may fall victim to both its own tax fraud, greed, and the actions of competitors.

Alexey Ulyukayev detained on suspicion of bribery


The Investigative Committee said that the Minister of Economic Development extorted $2 million for the purchase of Bashneft shares by Rosneft.

Investigation returned to IKEA


The issue of tax dodging by the company has been raised again.

Screwups of the Helmholtz Research Institute deprived patients of sight


In Russia, desperate attempts are made to silence up the disgusting scandal, which broke up in late September at the Moscow Helmholtz Scientific Research Institute for Eye Diseases.

Vladimir Nero: Doctor Blindness


The famous Russian Helmholtz Clinic Research Institute of Eye Diseases in Moscow drives its clients to blindness because of the negligence of doctors covered up by the Director of the Institute, Vladimir Neroev.

Alexey Skachkov spoke about his mafia protection in the Investigative Committee


The former head of the Capital Construction Department of Investigative Committee of Russia made a deal with the investigation and gave detailed testimony about all the other persons involved in the theft of funds allocated for the repair of the Committee's buildings.

In search of eight billion


What is going on with the dividends of beneficiaries of Togliattiazot, Vladimir and Sergey Makhlaev.

Mikhail Maksimenko suddenly lost his senses


The arrested general of the Investigative Committee ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

Agricultural holding founded by deputy Sergey Doronin has problems with Sberbank


The creditor has found traces of deliberate bankrupcy. 

After Gaizer, they came for Vainzikher


The entities of Viktor Vekselberg corrupted the republic of Komi.