the Moscow Arbitration Court

The Moscow Arbitration Court examines cases in civil and administrative legal proceedings that are within its jurisdiction, protecting the rights and legitimate interests of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, as well as public entities, individuals without the status of individual entrepreneurs, foreign citizens, and other parties, in cases as provided by law.

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Alfa Bank sued 17 billion rubles from Alexey Khotin


Next in line are two more suits totaling 23.3 billion rubles.

Petr Aven will look for president on Khachaturov


The Moscow Arbitration Court rejects claims for the recovery of funds from the former owners of Rosgosstrakh, the co-owner of Alfa Bank wrote.

Azamat Ibatullin staked "Red Square"


The dispute with Rospatent over the trademark ended in favor of the Bashkir businessman.

Herman Gref made the planes dry


As Sberbank wanted to get from state-owned enterprises several times more than it gave.

Offshore consultations cost Mikhail Prokhorov expensive


How Mikhail Prokhorov managed ONEKSIM through offshore and did not pay taxes.

Promsvyazbank twisted the Ananyev brothers' pockets


Arbitrage awarded Promsvyazbank a payment of 66 billion rubles from the structures of the former owners of the Ananyev brothers. The court invalidated the transactions in which offshore firms sold their own shares to the bank the day before the reorganization

Golden parachute stayed with Sergei Babkin


FC Otkritie demanded that ex-director of security Sergei Babkin return the bonus of $ 30 million.

Vladimir Voronin sent an account


FGC "Leader" may remain without the largest production asset - DSC-1.

How Alexander Malakhov drowned the Chemezov missiles


The operator of an emergency transportation of the S-400 to China was a company from Petersburg that was connected with Rostec. Claims against 11 billion rubles are brought against her.

Viktor Zolotov will pay Igor Sechin two prices for gasoline


Rosguard spends billions of dollars with the approval of the government and the court.

Alexey Navalny choked with "Friendship of Peoples"


The Crimean Meat Processing Plant "Friendship of Peoples" demanded to refute the investigation of the purchase of products by Rosgvardia at inflated prices. The court ordered the Anti-Corruption Foundation to remove the scandalous investigation.

Dmitry Ananiev sunbathes in Cyprus as an aborigine


Former co-owner of Promsvyazbank Dmitry Ananyev is a resident of Cyprus and resides in Limassol, his representative said in court. Previously, the move of the ex-banker to Cyprus after the start of the rehabilitation of the PSB was reported unofficially.

Andrei Kalmykov will drag grandchildren to the court


Loukoster Pobeda filed a lawsuit against the border guards at Vnukovo Airport because of flight delays.

Boris Mintz's bonds have become an unpleasant “discovery” for investigators


Before reorganization, the bank’s management replaced real estate secured loans with non-marketable bonds of the O1 Group Boris Mints structures.

Evgeny Giner beat off lawsuit "Rosgossrah" on 150 billion rubles


The insurance company lost the lawsuit Capital Life.

Indian drug manufacturer got 200 million sick in Russia


The Tax Service of India has helped the Federal Tax Service to add taxes to the supplier.

Rosgosstrakh could not shake off 1.6 billion rubles from Yevgeny Giner


The insurer wanted to challenge the transactions concluded under the former co-owner of Rosgosstrakh Danil Khachaturov.

"Promsvyazkapital" was declared bankrupt


The company of banker Dmitry Ananyev remained due to creditors over 20 billion rubles.

ASV is looking for a dead donkey ears in a bankrupt Probusinessbank


The agency demanded to prosecute nine top managers of Probusinessbank, which lost its license in 2015, and recover from them 70 billion rubles. Some of the bankers managed to take refuge in the United States.

Lebedev Studio lost the claim to the "First Channel" for 1 million rubles


Lebedev Studio lost the claim to the "First Channel" for 1 million rubles. She demanded compensation of 1 million rubles for using her font in the announcement of the concert on the Day of the Airborne Forces. The court found that there was no complete coincidence.

"Status" of Vasily Anisimov changed to bankruptcy


The distributor of vodka "Good Bear" is leaving the market.

A feigned deal: Forbes found out the details of Siemens's claim for Crimean turbines


The German concern believes that Tekhnopromexport has misled vendors, and demands to recognize the deal on the delivery of all four gas turbine plants as invalid and return them.

DIA sold Sergey Pugachev's mansion in England


The manor of the founder of Mezhprombank, Lower Venn Farm XVIII, was sold for 1.6 million pounds.

Oil sticks to the hands


Transneft wants to continue to enrich itself at the expense of others.

Transneft defended its right to live according to the charter


Ilya Scherbovich's UCP lost a court action.

Nikolay Tokarev's dangerous games


Property interests of Rosneft have led to filing a claim to arbitration. What is Transneft guilty of?

Snoras on the Moscow "Platform"


The Russian real estate drifts away from the Lithuanian bank.   

Maria Roslyak to pay 6 billion rubles for fraud


The daughter of the Moscow vice-mayor and the auditor of the Accounting Chamber Yuri Roslyak will pay for the criminal schemes of the Moscow Lights bank.