the US Treasury


Washington gave Oleg Deripaska some more time


The US Treasury extended the deadline for allowing US companies to work with the toxic Russian aluminum oligarch until November 12 of this year.

The USA did not fully cover the oxygen to Oleg Deripaska


The US Treasury has given permission to enter into new contracts with Rusal and the GAZ Group, but only to their old counterparts.

Rusal of Oleg Deripaska could lose the European market of primary aluminum


The contracts of the Russian aluminum company for next year are in question.

Viktor Vekselberg made a good face with bad news


Viktor Vekselberg did not have personal accounts in Cyprus, his representative said. Earlier, the US Treasury reported that the bank accounts of Vekselberg and Oleg Deripaska in Cyprus were frozen after US sanctions.

In "Rusal" for Oleg Deripaska is not the place


The US Ministry of Finance requires a "final withdrawal" of a businessman from En + and "Rusal". The Russian oligarch is still stubborn.

Oleg Deripaska could lead Rusal to total collapse


The stubbornness of Oleg Deripaska, who does not want to accept an ultimatum from the US Treasury, may lead to the closure of aluminum plants in Russia.

The Case of the Scripals was cast into new US sanctions against the Russian Federation


Washington believed that the Russian Federation uses chemical and bacteriological weapons. Will suffer from new sanctions, Aeroflot, a number of other Russian airlines and Russian industry, living entirely on imported equipment.

The US real estate market will be closed from Russians


US senators demand to create a monitoring system for expensive purchases of immigrants from Russia to the United States.

American sanctions led to the closure of the Nadvoitsky aluminum plant


The Karelian enterprise of Rusal Corporation began to conserve capacities.

Rusal recorded the first losses from US sanctions


Revenues in the second quarter of 2018 decreased by almost 18% compared to the first quarter of this year. The volumes of metal sold also fell.

The US declared war on the shadow banker Ilya Kligman and his accomplices


The US Ministry of Finance imposed sanctions against the Agrosoyuz bank, which the Americans consider the leading financial partner of North Korea.

Deripaska did not agree with the terms of OFAC on the withdrawal of Rusal from sanctions


The main owner of Rusal refused to reduce its stake in the holding company En + Group below 50%. Oleg Deripaska considered the demands of the Ministry of Finance to be "bonded".

VTB and Sberbank will not get their money from Rusal


En + Group intends to obtain from VTB and Sberbank write-off of loans for 5.25 billion dollars of the company "Rusal". These measures are mentioned in the "plan" of Lord Barker, with whom he and his European allies entered into negotiations with the US Treasury.

En + Group of Oleg Deripaska asked the US Treasury to suspend sanctions


The company needs time to fulfill the ultimatum of the US Treasury (Barker's plan) to sever formal ties with the scandalous Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

The US Finance Ministry supported the shares of UC Rusal


The verbal intervention of the US department led to an increase in quotes of the aluminum company by 16%.

US Congressmen asked to impose sanctions against Evtushenkov


Two congressmen sent letters to the State Department and the US Treasury with a proposal to impose sanctions against AFK Sistema and Vladimir Yevtushenkov. This is probably the result of the intrigues of the vindictive Igor Sechin, who was not allowed to finish Yevtushenkov last year.

"Rusal" needs discounts for travel expenses


The company asks for preferential rates for transport tariffs.

The US imposed new sanctions against Russian companies


The US Treasury announced the inclusion in the sanctions list of three other Russian companies, which, in the opinion of the agency, are connected with the FSB.

Who from the Russian billionaires worked with the Rothschild clan?


Rothschild & Co will help Oleg Deripaska find buyers for his stake in En + Group. Previously, the Rothschilds represented the interests of Peter Poroshenko, who wanted to sell a confectionery factory in Russia, but without success. With whom else did the European banking house work?

The losses of Russian billionaires due to sanctions exceeded $ 6 billion


Yesterday Vladimir Putin signed a law on counter-sentences. Forbes estimated how much the richest people of Russia who were under sanctions in April lost, while the Duma and the Kremlin came up with the US response.

German Khan: "We are ready to sell everything at any time"


Member of the Supervisory Board of Alfa Group, Herman Khan, talked about his attitude to the Kremlin list, the reasons for increasing the role of the state in business and how much the Wintershall DEA could cost.

Oleg Deripaska's companies asked Washington for a postponement


Those who fall under American sanctions UC Rusal and En + plan to submit to the US Treasury by mid-summer a plan that will give the agency grounds to lift restrictions against companies.

The USA has weakened the hammer on Oleg Deripaska's neck


The US Treasury gave US investors in En +, Rusal and the GAZ Group a delay until August.

Oleg Deripaska tries to desert from Rusal


EN + Group follows the advice of the US Treasury and replaces its representatives on the board of directors of the aluminum company with ordinary employees.

The head of VTB Andrei Kostin struck in the back of his friend Oleg Deripaska


The whole blame is American sanctions: the head of VTB said that he would not give his companies new loans "until the sanctions have been lifted."

Oleg Deripaska refused to be re-elected to the Board of Directors of UC Rusal


Thus, the scandalous businessman plans to withdraw his business from under US sanctions.

Gazprom will think how to circumvent US sanctions


The gas corporation wants to develop the South Kirinskoye field on the Sakhalin shelf. But this requires modern Western equipment and technology.

US sanctions cut off Rosneft and Eni offshore projects


Total losses could exceed $ 270 million.