One yacht is not enough for Dmitry Pumpyansky


The second yacht, named My Bro, will be able to sail with the businessman's main yacht, the 72-meter Axioma. My Bro will have a helipad, court and mini submarine.

Pipe makers abandoned 47 billion Gazprom


They did not sell monopoly pipe with an additional discount.

Vladimir Lisin became the leading supplier of metal for football stadiums in Russia


Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine of Viktor Rashnikov outperformed the largest metallurgists. However, the purchase of metal for the construction of stadiums "weather" Russian manufacturers still did not do because of its modest volume - an average of about 100 thousand tons per year.

Pumpyanskiy's TMK admitted the possibility to sell its plants in the US


Russian billionaire Dmitry Pumpyanskiy's TMK does not preclude the sale of assets of its American division TMK IPSCO to reduce debt, informed the press service of the company.

Pumpyanskiy will go down the tube?


The oligarch poises on the brink of arrest.

Dunya for Pumpyanskiy: billionaire builds a hundred-meter yacht


The main shareholder of the Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) can save money on the construction of his yacht in Turkey. Yachts of the local shipyards have been haunted by accidents and prices have fallen there.

Steel grip: how the Russian metallurgists earned on the crisis


While the economy was plunging into crisis, steelmakers and exporters earned on sharp weakening of the ruble. Who was in the best position?

"Even Pumpyansky didn't behave like that"


Why SKB-Bank had the chairman of the board replaced.