Mazepin was accused of using gangster methods


The ongoing corporate conflict between Sergei Makhlai's Togliattiazot and his minority shareholder Uralkhim, Dmitry Mazepin, flared up with renewed vigor.

Sergei Makhlai did not bring bribe to the Supreme Court


According to the investigation, the banker and the owner of Togliattiazot were going to bribe justice.

Ammonia stuck in the pipeline


Ukraine is threatening to shut down the ammonia pipeline.  

In search of eight billion


What is going on with the dividends of beneficiaries of Togliattiazot, Vladimir and Sergey Makhlaev.

Sergey Makhlai destroyed the environment and runs away from responsibility


Oligarch with an American passport fouled up Voronezh Oblast. 

The end of the war: Rotenberg can take "Togliattiazot"


According to Forbes, the president's friend is the main contender for the asset, which had been the cause of a corporate war for more than ten years.