United Capital Partners

United Capital Partners. Российская компания. Основана 2006 году. Главным акционером компании является ее президент Илья Щербович. Ему принадлежит 77,7% акций United Capital Partners. Штаб-квартира располагается в Москве. Род деятельности: Инвестиционная деятельность, управление активами. Официальный сайт

The fate of VKontakte is being solved in offshores


The war between the shareholders of VKontakte has reached the court stage.

UCP requires to recognize Telegram as the property of VKontakte


Ilya Scherbovich Foundation bought three companies related to the Pavel Durov's messenger, and demands the rights for Telegram through the court; in response, Mail.ru Group filed a lawsuit to invalidate the deal to buy a stake in VKontakte by UCP Fund.

Durov's theater: why the founder of VKontakte lost the battle for his social network


Pavel Durov' dreams of maintaining control over the company he founded never came true. What part of the blame for this lies on the founder of VKontakte?

The red button of Pavel Durov


On Tuesday, March 18 Mail.ru Group announced the acquisition of 11.99% shares of "VKontakte", officially becoming the owner of 51.99% controlling stake in the major Russian social network.

Reached ideal: Pavel Durov sold his share of VKontakte to Ivan Tavrin


The founder of Russia's largest social network VKontakte Pavel Durov sold his stake (12%) to CEO of MegaFon nd co-owner of YuTV holding Ivan Tavrin (no.200 in the ranking of 200 richest businessmen of Russia, according to Forbes, with the fortune of $ 0.5 billion).