United Russia


United Russia sold Baikal


Dputats from the United Russia have canceled the conservation status of the territories around the lake.

Mordashov sponsored United Russia from his Cyprus offshore


The financial assistance of the party in power turns into exclusive rights to access government contracts.

Mintimir Shaimiev approved the increase in retirement age in Russia


81-year-old former president of Tatarstan said that Western pensioners spend their money on vacation at the resorts.

Vyacheslav Volodin threatened with the abolition of state pensions in Russia


Speaker of the State Duma said that such an option is not ruled out in case of failure of the pension reform.

Two members of "United Russia" paid for failure to support the decision to raise the retirement age


Sergei Zheleznyak and Natalya Poklonskaya parted ways with the party line.

All foreign visa centers can be closed in Russia


State Duma deputies from United Russia prepared amendments to the federal legislation on the accreditation of foreign visa centers in Russia. The amendments are such that these centers will be closed.

The richest Omsk deputy was detained on suspicion of fraud by 1.4 billion rubles


Sergei Kalinin with an annual declared income of 250 million rubles cheated with gas tariffs.

YaNAO received in the governors of the elite in the second generation


The head of the region was 30-year-old Dmitry Artyukhov. His father, Andrei Artyukhov, is vice-speaker of the Tyumen Regional Duma and a prominent party activist of United Russia.

Yuri Kotler could shoot himself because of financial problems


A member of the United Russia expert council, Yuri Kotler, who was found dead, filed a suit against the Novorossiysk commercial sea port, where he previously worked as deputy general director. On May 8, 2018, the Moscow Arbitration Court declared bankruptcy because of a debt of 49 million rubles.

The State Duma of the Russian Federation will take measures against the USA


Anti-American sanctions will hurt the Russians.

Deputies of the State Duma have found a way to "forever" block media sites


They suggested blocking publications on the Internet for refusing to remove information defaming honor and dignity.

Favorite voters of Putin were workers, peasants, teachers and military


A significant part of the population was not represented.

Ex-speaker of Russian State Duma Boris Gryzlov bought a penthouse on Krestovsky Island


Chairman of the Supreme Council of the United Russia party of the State Duma, Boris Gryzlov, who recently also headed the board of directors of the state corporation Tactical Missile Arms, purchased a penthouse worth $100 million in a Krestovsky Island house.

Anti-pokemon and anti-US fighters: what bills were adopted thanks to the futigive Russian MPs


The couple of the State Duma MPs Maria Maksakova and Denis Voronenkov are expelled from the parties they represented: United Russia and the Communist Party. RBC writes on the resonant bills of the fugitive deputies. 

Gennady Timchenko gets even with Valery Izraylit


The favourite criminal of Vladimir Yakunin now testifies against his patron in the dungeons of the FSB.

Medinsky & Partners


How the former business colleagues help the Minister of Culture of Russia in his work.

The family of the patriotic deputy Sergey Zheleznyak became Scottish


Alexey Navalny: that guy promised us that his children will get education in England and return to Russia. Let's check it.

RBC investigation: what business have the deputies of the new State Duma


Before the first meeting of the State Duma of the seventh convocation, RBC analyzed the income statements and biographies of those who came to the lower house of parliament for the first time, and those who confirmed the mandates.

Golos Movement discovered a hidden scheme to fund United Russia


A third of the companies which donated United Russia more than 1 million rubles in 2015, received state contracts for ten times bigger sums, according to the study on the financing of political parties, conducted by Golos Movement. 

Russian ministries compiled lists of officials who cannot have foreign accounts


Enforcement authorities have prepared a list of officials who are banned from keeping their money in foreign banks.

Shooting near the Kremlin: Boris Nemtsov killed in Moscow


A prominent politician Boris Nemtsov was killed in Moscow. He was shot to death late Friday night in front of the Kremlin by four shots at close range.

The Russian Duma is outraged by the voyage of United Russia deputies to Antarctica during working hours


The absence of United Russia deputies Alexander Sidyakin and Oleg Savchenko during the working hours in the first week of the session caused outrage in the Duma. For Savchenko, the trip cost up to half of the declared official annual income.

Top secret heroes


Novaya Gazeta has come into possession of a list of people awarded for the Crimean campaign.