Igor Shuvalov ride in the elevator


The share of VEB.RF state corporation in the elevator building market may exceed 40%.

Igor Shuvalov sends employees from Moscow


VEB.RF determined the new structure. In the process of optimization, 2.5 thousand people will be reduced, three subsidiaries will be attached to the parent company, Svyaz-Bank will go to the treasury, and some of the staff will move to Voronezh.

Alexander Ryazanov will reach China in his own way


The company of the former deputy chairman of Gazprom has spent hundreds of millions of rubles on the road for the new Silk Road. What can stop her?

Anton Milov will say goodbye to the hotel in Sochi


The investment division of Alfa Group plans to buy the 4-star Bridge Resort Hotel in Sochi, which is pledged in VEB.RF. The hotel was erected by the Mostovik company, which went bankrupt after the Olympic construction projects.

Irish disliked Russian SSJ100


The Irish airline CityJet returns seven SSJ100 ships to VEB.RF group.

Igor Shuvalov will throw Angstrom-T money


The plant, controlled by VEB.RF, required new financing.