Oleg Miller played his own shares on the Moscow Exchange


Gazprom dropped the package purchased from VEB.

VEB threw Vadim Vaneev from "Eurodon"


The turkey producer has accumulated more than 37 billion rubles of debt to the bank and lost almost all the poultry population due to the outbreak of the disease and mismanagement.

Igor Shuvalov invigorate ruble injection


The Ministry of Finance will allocate an additional 25.5 billion rubles to VEB to pay off the bank’s debt. In total, in 2019-2021, VEB should receive 200 billion rubles of state aid. Bank debt is approaching 400 billion rubles.

National Bank of Ukraine urged not to cut the daughter of Russian banks alive


The Ukrainian regulator urged the bailiffs at the suit of Igor Kolomoisky’s structures not to arrest the assets of Russian banks in Ukraine, but to give them the opportunity to fulfill their obligations to depositors in order to kick them in the ass.

VEB did not master the space project of the GIASS


The State Bank refused to finance the analogue of the American OneWeb, a global multifunctional infocommunication satellite system (GMISS).

VEB is looking for a warm place in another's stock


Igor Shuvalov Corporation intends to increase its presence in the failed project of Rosagromarket.

Eurodon is changing from the chapter


VEB has found new management companies.

Igor Shuvalov wrote a letter to Ukrainians


The Russian bank asks Kiev to recall the agreement on protection of mutual investments.

Shuvalov asks for a money


300 billion rubles of state aid in 2018, the "black hole" of the Russian economy under the name of VEB is not enough. In 2019, the head of VEB Igor Shuvalov expects another 300 billion rubles.

Sergei Chemezov demanded to give Igor Shuvalov his hand


The head of Rostecha warned Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev about the risks of the plan for VEB's new management to revise the conditions for the financial recovery of Tractor Plants. The transfer of the deal threatens the implementation of the state defense order, Chemezov believes.

Scandalous developer Maxim Blazhko will lose his last major facility in Moscow


The Moscow Arbitration Court ordered the sale of the firm - owners of LCD Neskuchny Home & Spa. The plaintiff was VEB, to whom the businessman's structures owed in aggregate up to 12 billion rubles.

VEB will become a strategic partner of the Strelka CB Alexander Mamut


It will be the sawing project of Alexander Mamut CB "Strelka".

Igor Shuvalov will cut Vneshekonombank's staff


The state corporation will cut staff by half for 900 people, which will give it a saving of 3.5 billion rubles a year. Only last year VEB's losses amounted to 287.7 billion rubles, and in the last four years - more than 750 billion rubles.

VEB under the leadership of Igor Shuvalov will cut the state budgets


VEB will risk the money of pensioners and the budget for the sake of megaprojects for 750 billion rubles.

Igor Shuvalov will take Vnesheconombank himself


The former vice-premier of the government of the Russian Federation will be able to head the state "bad debt bank" from May 28. Plus is that now Shuvalov will be able to provide the British authorities with proof of their income, for which he bought expensive real estate in the UK.

VEB broke its own record for the annual loss


In 2017, the bank lost more than 287 billion rubles.

Abramov, Abramovich and Frolov climbed into coke


Evraz will strengthen its position in the coal market with the help of Sibuglemet.

A black hole named VEB


VEB is waiting for new injections from the budget for 200 billion rubles. The hole in the balance sheet of the bank is more than 400 billion rubles.

In the center of Khrunichev rushed the lender


For the lands of the enterprise, the struggle unfolded, VEB became one of the main contenders.

Tractor Plants may become bankrupt


VEB may well refuse to save the debtor.

VEB fell the victim of budget cuts


The government will reduce the state corporation's support by one third.

The Russian banks in Ukraine are deprived of the capital


Russian banks at risk of losing business in Ukraine.

VEB was nailed down for "bad management"


The auditors of the Accounting Chamber concluded that the disastrous situation was caused by the VEB's "bad management" and "non-transparent procurement."

Ananievs are engrossed in "Razguliay"


Promsvyazbank owners have found a new niche for fraud.

Fear and Loathing in Russia


There were times when Russian VEB (Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs) was a proud bearer of a State Development Corporation title. Nowadays, however, that organization has become one of the primary sources for crime news.

VEB suffered a record loss due to the conflict in Ukraine


In 2014, Vnesheconombank suffered a record loss of 250 billion rubles. The reason was the reserves accrued Olympic credits and loans to Ukraine. VEB's board believes that the bank worked "very well."

Why the Kremlin and the government have no anti-crisis program


In 2015, the country can expect changes that will leave virtually no space left for the market economy.

KamAZ to be rolled back to the state


VEB and Rostec claim 23.5% of KamAZ shares intended for Daimler.