VEB Bank


Ex-official profited well on Oleg Deripaska


Oleg Deripaska, who has been suing VEB's ex-head Vladimir Chernukhin for several years in London, has lost an appeal in a lawsuit where $ 95 million was at stake.

Former head of VEB Sergey Gorkov jumped into the chair of the general director of "Rosgeology"


Sergey Gorkov was appointed the new head of Rosgeology. The previous head of the state holding was dismissed soon after the scandal with his deputy.

Sergey Bachin explained why Olympic facilities in Sochi will not pay off soon


Due to infrastructure costs, resorts will come to an operating profit in 20 years.

The court in London trigorno offended Oleg Deripaska


The businessman considers the proof in the case of the Trekhgorny manufactory, presented by his opponent, the former head of VEB Vladimir Chernukhin, to be a fake, and will appeal the court’s decision.

Alexander Plutnik will score all their controlled turkeys


Avian flu pushes the Eurodon group, controlled by Dom.rf, to take decisive action against turkey.

What will the US sanctions mean for Vnesheconombank


One mention of VEB in the draft law on sanctions caused the sale of the foreign debt of the state corporation

Headquarters for a billion: why for VEB will be rebuilt the building of Voentorg


The owners of Voentorg - the Chinese Fosun and Ruben Vardanyan - invest more than 1 billion rubles in the renovation of the famous business center in Vozdvizhenka. The changes were required after the move to Vnesheconombank's headquarters.

VEB recognizes loans to the concern Tractor plants lost


The state corporation will be able to return only 5.4 billion rubles of debt.

VEB Bank will not be able to sell its subsidiaries in 2017


Sviaz-Bank and Globex can not boast the quality of assets, and investors are not really interested in banks in Russia.

Iron ore cooperation


The Donetsk and Lugansk Republics may obtain the Russian iron ore with a discount.