Vneshprombank (VPB) is a Russian commercial bank, which stopped its activities on January 21, 2016 in connection with the revocation of the license by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

The bank had the 40th place in terms of assets in the Intefax-100 ranking. At the time of withdrawal of the license it set a record for the excess liabilities over assets: 187.4 billion rubles; later the financial "hole" was estimated at 210.1 billion rubles.

Among the owners of the media Vneshprombank were Alexander Zurabov, brother of Mikhail Zurabov (8.2%), and Nikolay Chilingarov, the son of Artur Chilingarov. Bank customers were the largest public and private organizations in Russia, senior officials, managers and their families.

Bedzhamov taxied bobsledders in Liechtenstein


Liechtenstein authorities are investigating the ex-owner of Vneshprombank and his sister. Their bank accounts received $ 143 million, including from the Russian Bobsleigh Federation.

The assets of a runaway banker George Bedzhamov will seek all of London


Investment company A1 offered London residents a reward for information on the assets of ex-banker George Bejamov.

It is difficult for a runaway banker Bejamov to live on £ 80,000 a month


Ex-co-owner of Vneshprombank Georgy Bedzhamov, declared by Russia on an international wanted list, with an English court seizing assets by $ 1.7 billion, asked the High Court of London to increase his salary from 80 to 310 thousand pounds a month.

The property of a runaway banker George Bedjamov does not hide from the "Alfa Group"


A1 promises reward in exchange for information about foreign assets of the co-owner of Vneshprombank.

George Bedzhamov will show what lives on


Georgy Bedzhamov, the co-owner of the collapsed Vneshprombank, will have to disclose the sources of their spending to the High Court of England and Wales.

Georgy Bedzhamov’s hand reached out to Mikhail Fridman’s hand.


DIA and Alfa Group are pursuing Vneshprombank co-owner George Bedzhamov.

Russian Central Bank will lower the Iron Curtain


Dishonest financiers will be prevented from leaving Russia.

Top 10 largest payments of the DIA to depositors of commercial banks


Over the past 5 years, the Deposit Insurance Agency has paid about 1.4 trillion rubles. Now the system of state insurance has faced an unprecedented large payment of 170 billion rubles to depositors of Jugra Bank.

The Khotin Empire is preparing for the transformation


The financial center of the empire of "crypto-businessmen" the Khotins in the Russian Federation is Jugra Bank, has been wavering for months. The other day the Central Bank of the Russian Federation demanded that shareholders "add" to the bank's base capital half a billion dollars.

Bedzhamov took Mintz's billions to Monaco


O1 group is left without credit and without savings.

Since the beginning of sweeping in the financial sector, insurance payments of the DIA increased by 5 times


In 2016, the agency paid nearly 570 billion rubles to the bank depositors.

Why it's better not to keep money in Russian banks


A new way of confiscation of bank deposits has been invented. Now the Russian courts participate in the scheme. 

Georgy Bedzhamov is double requested


Monaco refused to extradite him, and now it is up to the UK to decide. 

Nowhere to run


President of Vneshprombank, Larisa Markus, pleaded guilty for embezzling 6 billion and is ready to make a deal with the investigation.

Dmitry Rybolovlev will spend the money of Vneshprombank on football


The former owner of Uralkali and eccentric billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, who became world famous thanks to the multi-million dollar spending on works of art (including counterfeit and fakes), does not intend to suspend the financing of Monaco FC.

Capital holes


Up to half of Russian banks draw up fictitious assets for themselves.

Secret dossier of Dmitry Rybolovlev


Ex-owner of Uralkali in Monaco carves up the inheritance of Bedzhamov, the fugitive head of Vneshprombank; envoy Trutnev is involved into this affair.

Housing Fund lost 1.78 billion rubles in Vneshprombank


Now Foundation asks Prosecutor General's Office to check the employees of the Central Bank.

A1 representatives will search for Vneshprombank assets and owners


They can get 10% of the returned assets.

Yachts, palaces and offshore companies of the Tokarev-Bolotov clan in the European Union


The head of Transneft Nikolay Tokarev and his clan are investing billions of stolen dollars into the western offshore companies and real estate.  

Where the money flowed from Vneshprombank


While the DIA is looking for assets associated with bankrupt Vneshprombank, others get the most valuable assets first. 

Gold deposits in Vneshprombank's case


Valuables and documents for real estate have been seized from the trusteed of the ex-heads of the bank. 

Buduscheye pension fund will have to sell assets for 14 billion rubles.


RAEX downgraded NPF Buduscheye, having found that its portfolio assets do not meet the requirements of pension legislation. The fund will have to sell these papers, which may adversely affect its capitalization.

Fraud at the expense of VIP-clients: how the Vneshprombank pyramid collapsed


The amount of claims to Vneshprombank reached 215 billion rubles, as estimated the DIA. In January, the bank lost its license, its co-owners Georgy Bedzhamov and Larisa Marcus were brought to custody. How the pyramid was built and why did it collapse?

Financial blindness cost Tokarev 19 billion


That's the amount of money Transneft lost in bankrupt banks.

Victim of Vneshprombank: Vladimir Gruzdev has lost part of his wealth


The bank's creditors are trying to get off-balance sheet assets of the bank.

Bedzhamov's flotilla: Forbes found the Vneshprombank shareholder's yachts


One of the yachts belonging to the President of the Russian Federation of Bobsleigh, who fled to Monaco, could cost him $73 million

RBC Investigation: what the church lives upon


The welfare of the Orthodox Church is based not only on considerable state aid, generous donations and altrage of the flock; the Church also has its own business. However, how it spends the earned money is still a secret.