VTB 24


Alexander Vinokurov sells medicines and lubricates skis


Marathon Group sells its Mega Pharm pharmaceutical network. Alexander Vinokurov shoves assets to escape from Russia.

To purchase VIP seats at the World Cup 2018 for employees of state companies spent more than 200 million rubles


During the matches, employees of state companies plan to look for new partners in the stadiums' lounges and strengthen ties with existing partners.

Bankrupt from Versailles


How the owner of Doninvest Mikhail Paramonov borrowed billions of rubles from the Russian banks and went to France.

Restaurant for Kostin: Telman Ismailov lost "Prague"


As it became known to Forbes, VTB obtained ownership of restaurant "Prague" and a business center "Tropicana", which belonged to the former owner of the Cherkizovsky market.

Kuzbass fraud traces led to the Netherlands


The accused in the case of a billion fraud has been detained by Russian request.

Net assets of Trust Bank were negative five years ago


Such a conclusion was made by auditor Ernst & Young as early as in 2009

VTB got rid of Fitch


The agency withdraws the ratings of the state bank and its subsidiaries.