VTB Bank

VTB Bank (former Vneshtorgbank) is one of the leading universal banks of Russia. VTB Bank and its subsidiaries form a leading Russian financial group – VTB Group, offering a wide range of banking services and products in Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the U.S. The Group’s largest subsidiaries in Russia are VTB 24, Bank of Moscow.

VTB was ranked 446th on the FT Global 500 2012, The Financial Times’ annual snapshot of the world's largest companies. It climbed to 210th in the ranking of the 500 largest companies in Europe, the FT Europe 500 2014, and to 127th in the FT Emerging 500 2014, the list of the 500 largest companies on the world’s emerging markets. The Moscow-based bank is registered in St. Petersburg and came 66th in the British magazine The Banker’s Top 1,000 World Banks in terms of capital in 2014.

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Ismailov moves out of a French villa


The billionaire is robbed of assets around the world.

Semyon Slepakov sang expensively for VTB


A VTB state contract for an advertising campaign was discovered, in which the producer, songwriter Semyon Slepakov has been soloing since September 2020. The total amount of the order is 750 million rubles.

Kostin spoils the frame for Bondarchuk


The state allocated 1 billion from the budget to the film studio to cover the debt to VTB, which issued a loan to it in 2013.

Nailya Asker-zade flew off on her plane


The Bombardier Global 6000 business jet, which, according to the Anti-Corruption Foundation, was regularly used by TV presenter Naila Asker-zade, is put up for sale.

Kostin was left under sanctions


The European Court found the introduction of EU sanctions against VTB justified. The bank fell under restrictions in August 2014, after which it repeatedly tried to appeal the court decision.

Volozh divorces Gref


Yandex and Sberbank will complete the partnership in joint projects. The IT company will get Yandex.Market, the bank - Yandex.Money. The new shareholders of Yandex will be the structure of VTB and Roman Abramovich.

Andrei Kostin chained to a bank steering wheel


That allows Kostin to steadily lead VTB for 18 years.

Andrei Kostin has a vested interest in Lukoil diamonds


RSPP asks Mishustin to intervene and withdraw the FAS lawsuit.

Andrei Kostin deftly displays an office with a minibar for almost a billion rubles


On April 14, Presidential Administration bought an office building in the center of Moscow from VTB for 930 million rubles, the corresponding contract on the government procurement website was the first to discover the OSINT Miracles telegram channel.

IDS Group's business in Yamal sank


VTB and the Federal Tax Service are taking billions of rubles from the oilfield services holding.

Andrey Kostin will flush toxic assets


VTB takes the toxic assets of the developer.

Gref vs. Kostin - whose bank will be cooler


There is competition between the two largest Russian state-owned banks. Rather, between their leaders - German Gref and Andrei Kostin.

Andrei Kostin’s wife is not bored in a 500-meter apartment for a billion rubles


The wife of the head of VTB Natalia Gordeeva owns an apartment worth more than a billion rubles in the elite Moscow residential complex "Grenade Palace".

Patriarch Kirill used the VTB offshore jet as a workhorse


The list of aircraft passengers from Andrey Kostin was replenished by clergy and plenipotentiaries.

Undefeated Sanctions Ten


The company magazine identified the largest business structures that benefited from Western sanctions against Russia.

Svetlana Medvedeva arranged a ride on the state business jet


The prime minister’s wife found a personal plane that could not afford either for her or for Medvedev himself.

Naila Asker-Zade received a plane, yacht and a beautiful life from the head of VTB Bank Andrei Kostin


Favorable connection of the journalist of the state VGTRK with the state VTB.

VTB CEO Andrei Kostin spends millions of dollars on his mistress


Journalist Naila Asker-zadeh reacted to the investigation of the Anti-Corruption Fund dedicated to her, comparing it with “native advertising”.

Alexey Taicher bought Transfin-M in a cunning way


The company pledged property for the sake of the buyer.

Andrei Kostin threatened Mozambique with default


The head of VTB may drag Russia into an international scandal.

Andrei Kostin declares war on Dollar De Mort


The traditional welcome for the guests of the Russia Calling! Forum, VTB head Andrei Kostin and top managers of the group opened Joan Rowling in the characters of the novel’s novels, in the story their main opponent is Dollar-de-Mort.

Andrei Kostin sat on Mechel


VTB became the main creditor of Mechel - almost 50 billion rubles were transferred to it from Sberbank.

How to kill a VTB bank


Do not ask whose money the banking elite has fun. She does it with your money.

African passions of VTB and Andrei Kostin


The state-owned 60% VTB bank works a lot and very interestingly working abroad.

Alexey Ananiev said goodbye to Technoserv


The Moscow Arbitration Court introduced supervision, the initial bankruptcy procedure, in the IT company Technoserv AS, one of the main structures of the Technoserv Group. Until 2018, it belonged to the Ananyev brothers, after sharing the property it ended up with Alexei Ananyev.

Andrey Kostin beautifully lent to his friend


The head of VTB funded his friend Alexander Vinokurov through a deal with AFK Sistema.

Pavel Smetana loses a snack


The owner of the Crystal-Lefortovo agricultural holding is being judged.

How beloved TV presenter Andrei Kostin earned 3 billion


Portrait of Naili Asker-zade, journalist and billionaire.