X5 Retail Group

X5 Retail Group . Российская компания. Основана 2006 году. Главными акционерами являются бизнесмены Михаил Фридман, Герман Хан и Алексей Кузьмичев. Штаб-квартира располагается в Москве . Род деятельности: Розничная продажа продуктов питания. В 2015 году году чистая прибыль составила более 14 миллионов рублей. В штате числится 147 тысяч человек. Официальный сайт

Son-in-law of Sergei Lavrov wanted to sneeze at his pharmacy


Pharmacies “Yes, healthy!” And “ABC Life” were overwhelmed with creditors.

X5 is preparing to compete with online commerce


Retailer introduced a new strategy.

X5 Retail Group has launched a lab to test customers for new technologies.


The retailer studies electronic price tags and smart shelves in a special Pyaterochka.

X5 Retail Group climbed into the "Halva" brothers Khotimsky


The retailer will buy 50% in the operator of the issuance of Internet orders CTB, operating under the brand "Halva" and controlled by Sovkombank.

"Magnet" builds new greenhouses for 13 billion rubles


Up to a third of tomatoes in its stores will be of its own production.

X5 lost the head of "Crossroads" and the successor to the CEO of the group


This is the second major resignation after the head of Pyaterochka left.

Who in Moscow has earned the most money on mundiale


Nikolskaya street in Moscow has become a place of attraction for fans who came to the World Cup. RBC found out who had earned the most on Nikolskaya and who had suffered losses.

In the top 10 Russian retailers has entered a network of alcoholic stores


Shops "Krasnoe & amp; white "are among the ten largest retail chains in Russia.

Retail networks are suspected of potato Russophobia


The Union of Vegetable Producers of Russia complained to the Ministry of Agriculture on retail chains refusing to buy Russian unpacked and unwashed potatoes.

X5 Retail Group upset investors


The company in the first quarter reduced net profit by one third. Since the beginning of the year, its capitalization, as well as its rival, Magnit, has collapsed by 37%.

Billa found "I'm loved"


German retailer bought a Russian competitor.

Why did Sergei Galitsky say goodbye to "Magnet"


The founder of the trading network exchanged it for 3 billion dollars.

X5 found a way to deal with the deficit of quality dairy products


The retailer agreed with Danone to create separate brands and products only for their stores.

25 most expensive CEOs: Forbes annual ranking


Forbes has presented its fifth annual ranking of the most highly paid heads of Russian companies.

Alexander Vinokurov multiplies pharma drugs by X5


With the help of the retailer, the president of A1 creates a pharmacy leader.

Retailers lose their appetite


Retailers are discussing a complete rejection of the 10 per cent fee from local suppliers of meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables.