Alexander Bortnikov


The FSB found out who "placed bombs" in buildings all over Russia


False terrorist calls were made by four Russians from abroad.

How Russia and Belarus reinstalled the border control


Minsk criticized Russia's decision to establish a border zone on the border with Belarus. The measures are directed against the nationals of third countries, says Moscow. However, they can affect the citizens of both countries, and the decision may be political, experts say.

RBC investigation: how illegal goods were smuggled through St. Petersburg customs


RBC came into possession of the customs documents of ULS Global, illustrating the schemes to smuggle illegal goods into the country. Combating smuggling with billions of dollars in turnover, could cause the recent shifts in the FSB management.

Bailiffs returned to Almazny Mir


The privatization of the asset can be disrupted again.

General of fraud cases


The investigation is looking for a fictitious deputy of Alexander Bortnikov.

American patriot Abizov


New scandal erupted around the Minister for Open Government.

Low technology: why Sberbank contract jeopardized the business of Krok company


Overpriced servers for Sberbank, the break of cooperation with IBM, searches: that's not a complete list of troubles that hit the IT-company Krok. Who blames its general director Boris Bobrovnikov?