Alexey Kudrin


Alexey Kudrin urged to prepare for the inevitable increase in taxes


The Russian authorities intend to take the Russians to the cleaners. 

Russia is getting accustomed to stagnation


The crisis canceled out all the previous results: in 2000-2016, the Russian economy has grown less than the global one.

Bloomberg: Kudrin negotiates the return to the post of Minister of Finance


The decision is expected to be made in early 2016, says the agency.

British analysts have estimated the costs of the Russian operation in Syria


Russian operation in Syria costs $2.4 million per day at a conservative estimate, calculated the British IHS Jane's Analytical Center. In reality, however, this figure could be twice as high as they claim.

Kudrin - RBC: "The main problem is the complete lack of trust in politics"


The anti-crisis measures announce by the government will exacerbate the problems in the Russian economy, and the subsequent decline in GDP and stagnation may last for many years, believes chief critic of the government, the head of the Committee of Civil Initiatives Alexey Kudrin.

Russia loses billions and the chances for modernization


Instead of the economic development the Russians have been given 15 minutes of happiness in front of the TV. At least, every day. 

In February, Putin and his assistants decided that Russia's economy would survive the annexation of Crimea


The president and his entourage decided that foreign exchange reserves are large enough to suffer the consequences of possible sanctions and Western countries will not persist.