Artemyev Igor


Igor Artemyev registered with


FAS has filed a lawsuit against reservation service, as the aggregator did not comply with the order to abandon the practice of imposing price parity conditions on hotels.

FAS brought UCL to a fine


FAS fined the Container Terminal St. Petersburg (KTSP) entering into UCL Holding Vladimir Lisin by 91.2 million rubles. But Igor Artemyev's department will not see this money.

The Russian government allowed Schlumberger to buy up to 49% of the shares of EDC


But the terms of the purchase remain in question.

Bayer threatened to leave Russia


The company sued the FAS because of the deal with Monsanto, which the anti-monopolists are trying to block in the territory of the Russian Federation.

American Schlumberger insists on buying Russian EDC


American Schlumberger filed a new application with the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia for the purchase of a stake in the Russian oil service company Eurasia Drilling Company (EDC).