Chaika Igor


Igor Chaika will tell students where the money comes from


The son of the Russian Prosecutor General became a teacher at the University's Enterprise and Corporate Governance Department.

Igor Chaika tries to arrange sales of Russian products to China


The younger son of the Russian Prosecutor General Igor Chaika is trying to sell Russian products to China.

Igor Chaika burrowed into the garbage of the Yaroslavl region


The younger son of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yuri Chaika firmly intends to become a garbage king of Russia: his company Charter will become the operator of municipal waste in the Yaroslavl region.

Igor Chaika will give Chinese vodka


Igor Chaika company starts selling alcohol in China.

American sanctions have dared Igor Chaika and Oleg Mitvol from Iran


Their company refused to build a desalination station for sea water in the Islamic Republic.

Igor Chaika becomes the largest garbage operator


His company won the right to recycle garbage in the Tula region.