Dmitry Ananiev


Commercial secret of the Ananyevs


Their Promsvyazbank is on the verge of bankruptcy, but it shows a profit.

Deutsche Bank fired about 200 employees in Russia


The Russian subsidiary of Deutsche Bank had a new wave of layoffs at the end of 2016. In total, since 2015, when the bank announced plans on business optimization in Russia, about 200 people have been fired. 

Ananievs are engrossed in "Razguliay"


Promsvyazbank owners have found a new niche for fraud.

The families of Muratkin and Murov, Crimean energy bridge and disappeared billion


The friends of the FSO director chated the Ananyev brothers, under the guise of salvation of the Crimea from the Ukrainian darkness.

Dive to the bottom: the fall in prices doesn't satisfy the Ananyev brothers


Billionaires are willing to sell the office and exhibit complex on Berezhkovskaya.