Dmitry Zakharchenko


285 article of Criminal Code: what sentences Russian corrupt officials get


Article 285 of the RF Criminal Code punishes "abuse of official credentials." This punishment is often applied to officials and other civil servants who use their position for personal purposes. The minimum penalty is a fine and a ban on holding certain positions, the maximum sentence can be up to 10 years imprisonment.

The last focus of Jugra Bank


The Bank of Russia wasn't satisfied with Alexey Khotin's gift to himself. In addition, Jugra Bank may keep someone's money in the amount of 5-10 billion rubles.

Predators of the Federal Counter-Intelligence Service


Turncoat Zakharchenko covered up not only the thief Shakro Jr , but also the main contractor of the company, the son of General Yevgeny Murov.

Zakharchenko transferred his billions to the Panama offshore


FSB officers continue to investigate the sources of 300 million euro, which were found on accounts of the MIA T Department deputy head's family.   

US FRS joined in the colonel Zakharchenko's case


The investigation will find out the Russian recipient of the money found at the policeman's place over the ocean.   

How colonel Zakharchenko's case was born


The case against the billionaire colonel was initiated in a couple of minutes. If the evidence indicated in doesn't change, Zakharchenko will get away with just a small trouble. "Fontanka" studied the order on institution of criminal proceedings.   

Police colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko surprised everbody by his currency reserves


Currency equivalent of 8 billion rubles has been confiscated from a MIA colonel during a search.