Frank Hleb


Fishermen demanded from the government to stop lobbying the business of Gleb Frank and Gennady Timchenko


The principle of replacing historical quotas for catching crab at auctions will lead to bankruptcies of many fishing companies in Russia. But it will allow the Russian fishing company Gleb Frank to gain a foothold in this niche.

Russian crab will be half auctioned


Since 2019, half of the crab catch quotas in Russia will be distributed through electronic auctions. Industry participants suspect in the lobbying of such a decision of the owners of the Russian fishery company Gleb Frank and Maxim Vorobyov (the latter has already left her business).

The CEO of RRPK Andrew Teterkin leaving his post


The Russian Fishery Company (RRPK) will be replaced by the general director Andrei Teterkin. The reason for the personnel reshuffle: dissatisfaction of the main owner of the RRPK with the rate of crab catch.

Ex-Senator Alexander Verkhovsky became the second holder of quotas for fishing on Sakhalin


The family of the Governor of Sakhalin Oblast Oleg Kozhemyako could get $ 430 million for this.

Timchenko's son-in-law found a partner for the construction of a fish factory in the North


He became a producer of seafood under the brand "Bay of plenty."

Gleb Frank got control over the largest pollock goalkeeper


He will buy out the share of his partner Maxim Vorobyov.