Gorring Ruslan


Rosgeology and VEB spoil Lake Baikal


How the state corporation received and distributed the funds of the national project “Ecology”.

Former head of VEB Sergey Gorkov jumped into the chair of the general director of "Rosgeology"


Sergey Gorkov was appointed the new head of Rosgeology. The previous head of the state holding was dismissed soon after the scandal with his deputy.

Ruslan Gorring was the son of the ex-prosecutor of Ingushetia


The official of Rosgeology who changed his name turned out to be a member of the small but influential Kuban clan of the Ganzhiyevs.

Horrified of recording with Gorring, Dmitry Kobylkin began checking "Rosgeologia"


What will change in "Rosgeologia" after the scandalous resignation of the deputy head Ruslan Gorring?

Ruslan Gorring, Deputy Head of Rosgeology, Finished His Workplace


The deputy head of Rosgeology, Ruslan Horring, lost his post because of a scandalous video in which a top manager swears, talks about the company's employees and high-ranking acquaintances.