Igor Mavlyanov


Igor Mavlyanov hid the money in the US real estate


The owner of Yashma-Zoloto, Igor Mavlyanov, profits from business deduced in the US, and owes 15 billion rubles in loans from VTB, Sberbank and other Russian banks. Now they want to take away Mavlyanov's real estate in the US.

FNS became the largest creditor of Yashma jewelry company


Tax officers proved that the jewelry manufacturer currently in bankrupcy evaded paying VAT at 7 billion rubles.

Bailiffs came to Yashma Zoloto


The officers of the Federal Bailiff Service for Moscow suspended the operations of Yashma Zoloto chain. 

Co-owners of "Yashma" went to Bobrov


After the initiated bankruptcy in Moscow they re-registered near Voronezh.  

Foreign assets of the family of Igor Mavlyanov


The son of the owner of Jasper-Gold chain, currently in a financial disaster, plans to invest in the US real estate.