Igor Rothenberg


Sergei Shoigu played enough in the "Patriot"


How the budget money is being sawn at Patriot Park, and what’s the reason for Putin’s cook, Shoigu’s daughter and Rotenberg’s son.

Igor Rotenberg confused the Ministry of Energy with his smart meters


The development of his company Mincomsvyazi proposed to designate a protocol for transferring data from smart meters.

Scandinavian banks do not see Boris Rotenberg as their client


The court predictably chose the latter between the demands of a businessman close to the Russian authorities and the interests of the national banking system.

Igor Rotenberg wind the counter


A businessman's company can become a monopolist in the smart electricity meter market, estimated at 40–60 billion rubles a year.

Gazprom Neft Supports the President’s Favorite Sport


The company became the general partner of the Russian judo championship.

Offshore tenets


How the head of Russian Technologies, Sergey Chemezov, was preparing Eureka for his son