Intrater Andrew


Andrew Intrater came under sanctions because of his cousin Vekselberg


Victor Vekselberg’s cousin Andrew Intrater sued the US Treasury. Because of the sanctions against the billionaire relative, the authorities froze Intrater’s assets. He is confident that this violates the US Constitution.

Viktor Vekselberg spent 1.6 million dollars to lobby the interests of Russia in the US


According to the Associated Press, which did not disclose the source of its information, it was such a ridiculous amount spent in the US by a Russian oligarch.

CNN named the reason for the interest of Müller's agents to Vekselberg


Investigators from the team of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller were interested in payments that were transferred to the accounts of lawyer of the US president Donald Trump, close to businessman Viktor Vekselberg, told CNN sources.

Fateful assets of Viktor Vekselberg


What does the Russian oligarch own in the US and what will it be for him because of the sanctions.