Komarov Igor


"Avtovaz" again replaced by the president


On "Avtovaz" came another "Varangian" - this is how the factory names the foreign presidents. Frenchman Yves Karakatzanis succeeded in this post compatriot Nicolas Mor in early June.

The Soyuz-5 launch vehicle went up by 8.5 billion rubles


The cost of developing a new carrier rocket Soyuz-5 for the month increased by 14% and now amounts to 61.19 billion rubles. For a year the rocket has risen in price more than twice: in the summer of 2017 "Roskosmos" reported that 30 billion rubles have been allocated for the creation.

S7 Space was trapped with missiles for the "Sea Launch"


RSC Energia can not provide Vladislav Filev with cheap and reliable Soyuz-5 missiles. Therefore, launch will have Ukrainian missiles "Zenith", which will be purchased from the Ukrainian "Yuzhmash". The only problem is that these missiles do not exist yet.

From the spaceport Vostochny launched the third in its history rocket


From the spaceport Vostochny in the Amur region launched the third in its history rocket. Among the eleven spacecraft being launched into the near-Earth orbit, there are nine foreign satellites. The launch is insured for more than 10 billion rubles.

RSC Energia did not cope with the satellite


AngoSat 1 satellite worth $ 280 million did not get in touch.

"Meteor" replenished submarine grouping


The launch of the satellite from the East ended with an accident due to the malfunction of the "Frigate".