Kostygin Dmitry


Dmitry Kostygin is no longer considered a fraud


The co-owner of Yulmart is changing the article of the Criminal Code.

Yulmart will be poured into the Petersburg terminal


The conflict of shareholders of the online retailer may end with its sale to the creditor.

Mikhail Vasinkevich did not sell to Dmitry Kostigin


The deal to repurchase shares in Yulmart did not take place.

Mikhail Skigin demanded to bankrupt "Yulmart"


The businessman was tired of waiting for the resolution of the conflict of shareholders in "Yulmart" and decided to take a lousy wool from the black sheep.

Mikhail Skigin attacked "Yulmart" from Panama


Associated with the businessman company Ledaro recovered from the retailer more than $ 30 million.