Makhlai Sergey


Mazepin was accused of using gangster methods


The ongoing corporate conflict between Sergei Makhlai's Togliattiazot and his minority shareholder Uralkhim, Dmitry Mazepin, flared up with renewed vigor.

Sergei Makhlai did not bring bribe to the Supreme Court


According to the investigation, the banker and the owner of Togliattiazot were going to bribe justice.

Sergey Makhlai did not bring 2 million euros to the Supreme Court


Sergei Makhlai, beneficiary of the Togliatti Nitrogen Plant, is suspected of attempting to bribe the Supreme Court.

Condemned for raiding Evgenie Sedykin gave testimony against the family Makhlaev


The minority shareholder of JSC TogliattiAzot, who was convicted earlier for 4 years, testified against the main owners of the chemical company, who allegedly stole 85 billion rubles in 2008-2011. The victims in this case are not only Sedykin, but also "Uralchim" Dmitry Mazepin.