Mamut Alexander


Mamut from Cyprus gets new Nginx owners


The dispute over the rights to the largest Nginx web server, founded by immigrants from Rambler, went beyond Russia. The Cyprus company Lynwood, associated with Alexander Mamut, has sued the startup owner, its founders and investors.

Alexander Mamut does not have a duty to the Trust in life


The head of the Trust Alexander Sokolov said that the businessman owes the bank 23.5 billion rubles. If the borrower has difficulties, the bank will have to come up with new conditions for restructuring.

Mamut's son framed Herman Gref in Nginx case


The Board of Directors of Rambler Group asked to terminate the criminal case on the rights to Nginx.

Alexander Mamut got into streaming


The Rambler Group is demanding record compensation from the American Twitch service.

Alexander Mamut played enough in Hamleys


The billionaire wants to sell toy chain stores.

Glitter and poverty of the gold digger Alexander Nesis


Where a businessman puts money.

Rambler found his niche in the pocket of German Gref


The history of Rambler - from the largest company of the Russian Internet to the Sberbank showcase.

Herman Gref looked at Alexander Alexander Mamut's Rambler


After trying to negotiate the purchase of Yandex, which has so far failed, Sberbank decided to invest in the Rambler Group burdened with debts.

Bank FC Opening will sue former top managers


The claims are brought against nine managers, including former members of the board. To the former owners of the bank, who brought it into the financial abyss, the administration of Mikhail Zadornov claims for some reason no.

The medical project of businessman Alexander Mamut changed his address


The medical project of a businessman changed his address.

VEB will become a strategic partner of the Strelka CB Alexander Mamut


It will be the sawing project of Alexander Mamut CB "Strelka".

FC "Otkrytie" revealed 2 more defaulted bonds issues


In addition to the 30 billion rubles of defaulted bonds of Boris Mints, the bank holds a third of the issue of Investpro's securities - the company is liquidated in March.

Alexander Mamut peeped in Okko


The owner of the "Cinema Park" and "Formula Cinema" without money purchased an online cinema.

Who got in the "Kremlin report" of the US Treasury


In the "Kremlin report" of the US Treasury, there are more than 200 people: officials, heads of state companies and billionaires.

Otkrytiye saves Rosgosstrakh for Rosgosstrakh to save Otkrytiye


Rapidly gaining momentum, the financial holding Otkrytiye absorbs the leader of the insurance market, Rosgosstrakh.