Maxim Sokolov


By 2050, almost 70% of the Russian river fleet will have to be written off


The ships are ageing faster than they are being replaced.   

For the misdeeds of the Mursekaevs, Putin punished the head of the Ministry of Transport Maxim Sokolov


President Putin reprimanded the Minister of Transport Sokolov, threatened Deputy Prime Minister Dvorkovich with the same, and is now providing his aircrafts for the passengers of VIM-Avia ariline. 

Vicious circle: 57 billion rubles for the Kerch bridge suspended on customer accounts


As it became known to Forbes, the transfer of the contract for the construction of the bridge to the Crimea to treasury support, which caused the suspencion in funding the bridge, is delayed.

Toll roads in Russia are the most expensive in Europe


The maximum rate in Russia is 25 rubles/km, while in Italy in comparable road sections it is twice lower.

Transaero brand is no longer worth around 60 billion rubles


Because of this, the value of the net assets of the airline became negative. And this may be the reason for the filing of the bankruptcy claim.