Mikhail Abyzov


Ex-minister Mikhail Abyzov complains about investigators


Former official dissatisfied with the actions of the investigation.

Assets of Mikhail Abyzov were arrested


In the case of the OPS at the ex-minister arrested real estate, stocks and money.

Henpecked Abyzov fell in love with photography


But the former VIP-stewardess did not have time to bring to the registry office the arrested billionaire.

The damage from the fraud of Mikhail Abyzov FSB estimated at 2 billion rubles


The FSB operatives did not reveal the withdrawal of income from payments of the population for energy resources by ex-minister Mikhail Abyzov, one of the defendants told the court.

Dmitry Medvedev discovered the trail of Alfa Bank in the case of Mikhail Abyzov


The prime minister did not rule out that the real reason for the case is the conflict between the former minister and creditors.

Mikhail Abyzov attributed more than necessary


The damage to his case was not so terrible.

Roman Trotsenko's generous gesture did not save Abyzov from the SIZO


The co-owner of Novaport, Roman Trotsenko, was ready to pay a pledge of 1 billion rubles for the ex-official.

Mikhail Abyzov was accused of embezzling 4 billion rubles


The former minister is accused of fraud in the sale of assets.

Offshore millionaire Mikhail Abyzov's governors will decide the fate of the Ural


The heads of Perm and Sverdlovsk Oblasts hope for patronage of Minister Mikhail Abyzov, who has accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars in tax havens. 

Alfa Bank asked to check Mikhail Abyzov's company on fraud


According to RBC, the creditors of Mikhail Abyzov's E4 Group decided not to limit themselves to claims for recovery of debt and recognition of the company's bankrupcy; now they are initiaing a criminal case.

Problem-plagued Ural plant will be sold by auction


"The potential buyer has already come. By helicopter. From Chelyabinsk," say the sources. 

Billions buried under the asphalt: who's coining money on roads in the Moscow region


In the coming years almost 2 trillion rubles will be spent on roads in the Moscow region. Who would get the money?