Mordashov Alexey


Mordashov's coal spilled out of his pocket


All mines in Vorkuta in 2022 will finally become the property of the dollar billionaire Roman Trotsenko, adviser to the president of Rosneft Igor Sechin.

FAS grabbed the gills of Mordashov, Lisin and Rashnikov


The Federal Antimonopoly Service opened three cases: against Alexey Mordashov's Severstal, Vladimir Lisin's NLMK and Viktor Rashnikov's MMK.

Mordashov will have fun on a new 142-meter yacht


The vessel, worth at least $ 300 million, will be included in the five largest yachts of the richest Russians.

Alexey Mordashov will give all the best to his children


Mordashov is faced with a non-trivial task - how to transfer a fortune to children without harming a huge business, a billionaire is already developing a plan for how his children will inherit his fortune.

Alexey Mordashov asks for money


Power Machines is seeking $ 384 million from the state to complete the Long Fu-1 power plant project in Vietnam.

Alexey Mordashov declared war on Vietnam


Power Machines Aleksey Mordashov sues Vietnam after the TPP project was stopped due to sanctions.

The failure of Alexei Mordashov and optimism of Rosatom


Power Machine’s steam turbines, which are made both for domestic nuclear power plants and for foreign ones, continue to be alarming.

The families of Sergey Chemezov and Denis Manturov are making a nest for oligarchs from Gelendzhik


The Black Sea city became a place of concentration of a number of oligarchs and officials.

Valentina Tereshkova will save the Volga from Alexey Mordashov


State Duma deputies are concerned about Alexey Mordashov’s plans to build a pulp and paper mill on the Volga.

Alexey Mordashov complained about the lack of money


Billionaire talked about wealth, hard work, mistakes and diet.

Alexey Mordashov will be bought in "Lenta"


The owner of Severstal, Alexey Mordashov, has agreed to buy 41.91% of Lenta from its largest shareholders, TPG and EBRD. But the minority shareholders of the network have already called the “April Fool's joke” the price offered by them within the framework of the mandatory offer.

Alexey Mordashov will be wrapped in "Lenta"


The owner of Severstal wants to first buy a 34% stake in the network, and then make an offer to other shareholders.

Mordashov sponsored United Russia from his Cyprus offshore


The financial assistance of the party in power turns into exclusive rights to access government contracts.

Mordashov's companies will not mind the state support of their investment projects


Severgroup presented projects worth billions of dollars when discussing the list of Belousov.

Alexey Mordashov cries from US sanctions in Vietnam


Power Machines disrupted the construction schedule of the power plant and companies are facing serious fines. The reason was the withdrawal from the project of Western subcontractors due to the American sanctions imposed on Power Machines.

Why Finnish business continues to leave Russia


Four large Finnish players left the Russian market or announced the sale of business. Revenues are falling, and prospects are not clear, their owners say.

Alexei Mordashov will import foreign turbines in Russia


By 2025, the "Power Machines" controlled by the oligarch should produce turbines that are 100% localized.

"Power Machines" will sell turbines to Iran for 171 million euros


The tender for the supply of equipment for a new TPP company bypassed the Urals turbine plant.

The structures of Alexei Mordashov bought service


The structures of Alexei Mordashov bought the service

Alexei Mordashov for half a year will receive $ 800 million from Severstal


Dividends of Severstal billionaire Alexei Mordashov for the second quarter will be twice as high as a year earlier. As a result, the main shareholder will receive from the company over $ 850 million only for the first half of 2018.

Siemens wants to localize the production of gas turbines by 90%


The German concern is not going to leave because of the scandal with the supply of turbines to the Crimea from Russia and plans to bring the localization of production of gas turbines in Russia to 90%.

Sergei Roldugin is interested in the Prosecutor's Office of Panama


After the publication of the Panama Dossier, the law firm Mossack Fonseca undertook a detailed study of its Russian clients.

Vladimir Lisin became the leading supplier of metal for football stadiums in Russia


Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine of Viktor Rashnikov outperformed the largest metallurgists. However, the purchase of metal for the construction of stadiums "weather" Russian manufacturers still did not do because of its modest volume - an average of about 100 thousand tons per year.

Alexei Mordashov changes the gold of Africa


He is preparing his Nordgold for the new M & A.

The richest heirs of Russia


Forbes presented the rating of the heirs of the richest businessmen of Russia for the third time. The first place was taken by Yusuf Alekperov, the second place was occupied by the children of Leonid Mikhelson, "bronze" - in the son and daughter of Andrei Melnichenko.

Alexei Mordashov asked the government for money


Under the US sanctions, "Power Machines" businessman Alexei Mordashov continues to demand benefits.

Forbes published a rating of 200 richest businessmen in Russia


Forbes magazine published the 15th updated rating of Russia's 200 richest businessmen, whose overall condition is estimated at $ 485 billion.

Alexei Mordashov and Oleg Deripaska kicked out of the government budgetary support


"Power Machines" and the GAZ Group will support public procurement.