Nasobina Irina


Promsvyazbank forced debtors from the concern Green Mama to pay their debts


In July, the Moscow City Court confirmed the bank’s correctness in a dispute with a couple of businessmen, Oleg and Irina Nasobins, who owed two loans of about 35 million rubles.

Concern Green Mama may be bankrupt


The Russian state-owned Promsvyazbank filed a bankruptcy lawsuit against Oleg and Igor Nasobinykh, which owns a conglomerate of firms operating under the Green Mama brand.

How did Oleg Nasobin destroy the Green Mama concern


In 2007, Green Mama, which produces "natural cosmetics", had a turnover of more than $ 60 million and was preparing to enter the IPO. In 2016, the turnover of the company did not exceed 2-3 million dollars, and she was in a pre-bankruptcy state.