Oleg Nasobin

Nasobin Oleg Bronislavovich (born October 27, 1966, Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg), RSFSR, USSR) is a Russian businessman, president of the Green Mama concern, collector, actor, blogger and publicist.

He graduated from the Urals Polytechnic Institute named after SM. Kirov in 1988.

In 1988-1991 he worked in Sverdlovsk in state and private enterprises as an engineer and head of small teams. In 1992, together with his wife, Irina emigrated to the Czech Republic. There he created a business for the distribution of the American cosmetic brand Freeman in Russia, but by 1996 this activity had ceased to generate revenue. In 1997, Oleg Nasobin moved to France, where he and his wife had previously created a cosmetic concern Green Mama, specializing in the production of creams with extracts of natural herbs. In 1998, Green Mama launched its own plant Le Plantain, 40 kilometers from the city of St-Tropez, it invested 16 million francs (about $ 3 million). The origin of money was not advertised.

In 2004, at the flea market in France, Oleg Nasobin found, in his opinion, a genuine portrait of Benvenuto Cellini. However, all attempts by a businessman to prove his authenticity were not successful, an authoritative professional community did not pay any attention to this find. In the Russian media in 2005, information appeared that this picture was allegedly valued at $ 110 million. In 2012, she was exhibited at the exhibition "Collectors and Collections" in Moscow. In 2012, Oleg Nasobin fell into a scandal in France, when the factory owned by his company on the Cote d'Azur burned down. According to him, the French counterespionage allegedly recruited him and this incident could have been involved as the French police (such statements were made to them in their blogs repeatedly), as well as former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

In the press, Oleg Nasobin repeatedly publicly criticized France and the European Union, which he called "terrorist," while arguing that Russia is their colony.

- France (and therefore the EU) is a terrorist state. The policy of bribery, state terrorism and impunity for perpetrators of terrorist acts is the basis of the state doctrine of the FR ... France is a metropolis and Russia its colony ... That's why Putin coordinates each step with Holland, "he said in an interview with IA Rex in June 2014 of the year.

Oleg Nasobin published an adventure and detective novel "Benvenuto" in 2013, dedicated to the problem of the portrait of Benvenuto Cellini he found on the flea market, where he emerged as a Russian businessman recruited by French counterintelligence and entered into sexual relations with the lieutenant of the French police. In 2015, Nasobin starred in the episodic role in the Warner Bros film "Jupiter Ascending", and in 2017 - in the TV series "McMafia". In 2013-2016, Oleg Nasobin collaborated with the Federal Service for Drug Control of the Russian Federation (FDCS RF), holding the position of senior researcher at the Federal State Institution "Scientific Research Center of the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia" (FKU NIC FDCS of Russia).

In 2016-2017 Oleg Nasobin spoke in Moscow with a series of lectures on the theme "European Occult Symbolism based on the images of the Great Arcana Tarot." Since 2016, Nasobin has been cooperating as a publicist with the Internet publication of the Russian nationalists Sputnik and Pogrom, banned in 2017 by the Russian Federal Committee for the Supervision of the Russian Federation for propaganda of national enmity and xenophobia.

Oleg Nasobin is married and has two children.

Promsvyazbank forced debtors from the concern Green Mama to pay their debts


In July, the Moscow City Court confirmed the bank’s correctness in a dispute with a couple of businessmen, Oleg and Irina Nasobins, who owed two loans of about 35 million rubles.

Concern Green Mama may be bankrupt


The Russian state-owned Promsvyazbank filed a bankruptcy lawsuit against Oleg and Igor Nasobinykh, which owns a conglomerate of firms operating under the Green Mama brand.

How did Oleg Nasobin destroy the Green Mama concern


In 2007, Green Mama, which produces "natural cosmetics", had a turnover of more than $ 60 million and was preparing to enter the IPO. In 2016, the turnover of the company did not exceed 2-3 million dollars, and she was in a pre-bankruptcy state.