Patrushev Dmitry


Russian Agricultural Bank continues to milk the budget


The Agricultural Bank again cannot cope without state support. By the end of the year, they want to replenish the capital of the RSHB by another 10 billion rubles.

Dmitry Patrushev blessed the redistribution of the Russian grain market


Grain exports bring billions of dollars. Searches in the largest agroholdings of the country mean the start of the redistribution of the industry.

Russian Agricultural Bank can not recover after Dmitry Patrushev


The bank will not be able to complete the year 2019 without a loss.

The company "Natrbresource" can become a monopolist in the fish market


Head of the Ministry of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev plans to create in Russia one more major player in the fish market, which will be privatized and gradually withdrawn from state ownership.

Russian winemakers ask Vladimir Putin to impose levies on their foreign colleagues


The proceeds - up to 30 billion rubles - they offer to send to support the industry.

The heirs come to the Russian government and this does not do her good


Experts of the Petersburg Politics have studied the new Russian aristocracy.

FSB will keep secret the results of Dmitry Patrushev's activities in Rosselkhozbank


In a deeply unprofitable state-owned bank, the loan portfolio exceeded its capital by either 700 billion, or 1 trillion rubles. The new Minister of Agriculture does not need to have such a background.

Dmitry Patrushev drowned in the Augean stables of Rosselkhozbank


The new Minister of Agriculture for 8 years of management Rosselkhozbank has achieved more than modest success against the background of huge budget injections into the bank.

Rosselkhozbank became a vampire of state funding


In 2017, the bank received 50 billion rubles from the state, reduced losses to 19.5 billion rubles, and demanded again life-giving budget injections.

Young and thieves Dmitry Patrushev


Head of Rosselkhozbank Dmitry Patrushev can join the board of directors of Russian Railways. The government recommended the candidacy of the hereditary "neodvoryanin".