Sergey Polonsky

Sergey Yurievich Polonsky (born 1 December 1972) is a Russian businessman. Polonsky is the owner and head of one of the largest real estate companies, Mirax Group (2004–2011). He was one of the richest men in Russia before the late-2000s financial crisis. Now he is shareholder and investor of a number of commercial structures incorporated by the holding Potok (as of 1 December 2011), earlier (March – November 2011). In October 2011, Sergey Polonsky was noted by the Forbes magazine as one of the nine most unusual Russian businessmen. He is currently awaiting trial in Moscow on charges of fraud.

The embezzlement charges, Polonsky believes, are part of an attempt by FTsSR and the Moscow government to take the Kutuzovskaya project away from him and hand control to Arkady Rotenberg a rival property developer with close ties to the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Sergey Polonsky turned out to be a beggar


The scandalous developer could not pay a debt of $5 million to his former lawyer.

Polonsky: guilty and free


Sergey Polonsky was released from punishment.

Predators of the Federal Counter-Intelligence Service


Turncoat Zakharchenko covered up not only the thief Shakro Jr , but also the main contractor of the company, the son of General Yevgeny Murov.

Sberbank came into possession of President Plaza


The bank got it in settlment of the debt of 350 million dollars.

Ruslan Baysarov will finish the construction after Polonsky


The businessman will manage two skyscrapers next to the Moscow City.

Russian businessman's yacht was stormed from the sea and from the air


Why the third arrest of Sergey Polonsky in Cambodia happened.

Sergey Polonsky has opened a business school in the jungles of Cambodia


Having settled the problem with the Cambodian justice system and acquiring the ownership of several islands, the runaway Russian developer Sergey Polonsky decided to tackle educational business.

Polonsky's island


The disgraced developer is convinced that he's not guilty of anything, and the prosecution was initiated by those who had set their eyes on "Kutuzov Mile".

Sergey Polonsky: "I flew on Deripaska's plane from Cambodia"


Duma deputy Alexey Chepa (it was under his bail Polonsky was released from prison in Sihanoukville) told me about the meeting of Sergey Polonsky and Oleg Deripaska in Switzerland.   

Olympic victims of Sergey Polonsky


The scandalous developer became a defendant in another criminal case, among the victims are the members of the Russian Olympic hockey team.

Sergey Polonsky was arrested in the jungles


The businessman was placed in an isolation cell to wait until the issue of extradition to Russia would be solved.

Polonsky was refused a plea bargain in Russia


The Investigation Department of the Russian Interior Ministry has decided to refuse an appeal for plea bargain from businessman Sergei Polonsky, who was internationally wanted and hid in Cambodia, informed "Interfax" on Friday referring to the businessman's lawyer Alexander Karabanov.

Moscow-area landlords divide the inheritance of Sergey Polonsky


The Central Bank revoked the license for banking operations from JSC "Joint-stock bank Pushkino" on September 30. 

Sergey Polonsky is ready for payback


The founder of Mirax Group (currently Potok8) Sergei Polonsky, who was involved in a criminal case of 5.7 billion rubles, remembered about the holders of the residential complex "Kutuzovskaya milya" in Moscow.