Sobyanin Sergey


Friendship of Sergei Sobyanin and Vladimir Yevtushenkov was supported in 700 million rubles


The city administration overpays at exorbitant prices for flights of officials on VIP jets.

Sergey Sobyanin breathes unevenly to Sergey Gordeev


The mayor of the capital retains an unusual loyalty to the head of the PIK Group of Companies.

Polina Yumasheva did not forgive Deripaska Rybka


A representative of Polina Yumasheva confirmed her divorce from Oleg Deripaska, which occurred more than a year ago.

Sergey Gordeev hoisted Gref and Sobyanin at the pic


As the main developer of the capital associated with the mafia, Trump and the mayor of Moscow.

Moscow will share its garbage with the Arkhangelsk region


Sergey Sobyanin’s henchmen will make up the virgin forests of northern Russia with 10 million tons of briquetted waste. In the suburbs of places for new landfills of the capital garbage anymore.

Sergei Sobyanin managed to win his own "election"


The best mayor of Moscow of all times gathered either 68, or immediately 74% of the vote.

The Ministry of Transport planned to spend more than 300 billion rubles on the Moscow train


Russian Railways and Transmashholding are planning to cut money from the federal and regional budgets.

Sergei Sobyanin showered pre-retirees with pre-election gifts


Benefits to persons of pre-retirement age will cost for the budget of Moscow in 60-80 billion rubles.

The election campaign of Sergei Sobyanin is sponsored by Alisher Usmanov, Cossacks and motorists


Sergei Sobyanin's fund has already received more than 113 million rubles, of which 60 he managed to spend. Carefully selected "competitors" do not hurry to spend their budgets.

Moscow authorities decided to identify the "gray" rental of apartments with the help of big data


The Moscow government will use the analysis of large data to establish landlords who do not pay taxes. It is expected that the "digital gulag" will work in the Russian capital already in 2019.

The Moscow government will impose developers a natural tax on renovation


Private developers will give at a cost of Moscow to 600 thousand square meters of housing, which will be used in the capital's "renovation". The real benefit for commercial developers is to obtain a guaranteed financial flow.

For Sobyanin came up with "Luzhkov's threat" on elections of the mayor


Ex-owner of the SU-155 Mikhail Balakin, nominated for the mayoral election in Moscow, will play the role of "Luzhkov threat", symbolizing the struggle between the "old" and "new" Moscow. He already started the telegram channel "Luzhkovsky candidate".

Capital Group intercepted the projects of the PIK Group in Moscow "for renovation"


After a departure from the Russian affairs of Vladislav Doronin from his scandalous partner Paul Teo, business in Moscow went uphill. Capital Group squeezes into a cuttingaway-otkatnuyu epic called "renovation of the housing stock of Moscow" and is ready to profitably exchange projects for themselves.

Pavel Te, Samvel Karapetyan and Araz Agalarov milk the budget of My Street in Moscow


In 2017, the Moscow government spent 243.8 billion rubles to improve the city, of which 37.6 billion went to the My Street program. Thanks to it, the contractors of the mayor's office - Capital Group Pavel Teo, the group "Tashir" Samvel Karapetyan and the structure of billionaire Araz Agalarov - turned the Russian capital into an eternal construction site with a poor quality of work.

Moscow renovation is canceled after the election of Sergei Sobyanin


The loud program of the Moscow renovation ended on a porcelain 400 billion rubles from the unspent balances on the accounts of the Moscow government. Money for the remaining 15 years of renovation there is no place to take.

Moscow region will suffocate from stink from landfills


There is no other way out. The authorities of Moscow and the region did not solve the garbage issue for a long time, but now there is nowhere to take out solid household waste of more than 11 million tons.

Clan Mutsoev and Sergei Sobyanin will surprise Moscow residents with a new cut


Moscow amusement park "Island of Dreams" hopes to repeat the success of Disneyland. Do public and private investments pay off in entertainment parks at the height of the crisis?

Strong friendship between Natalia Sergunina and Capital Group


Structures of the vice-mayor of Moscow on economic policy and property-land relations bought from Capital Group 50 thousand square meters of office space in the tower "Oko" for 6.39 billion rubles. Another 3.075 billion rubles will go to repair them.

Moscow's revenues exceeded 2 trillion rubles


Most of all, the city earned a profit tax and property tax.

Pavel Te rebuffs Muscovites


Capital Group scandalous businessman Pavel Te decided to participate in the renovation of housing. And I am ready to transfer 100 thousand square meters for immigrants. Criminals and officials divide the capital among themselves?

Sergei Sobyanin counted in Russia 15 million extra Russians


Their mayor of Moscow offered to drive in agglomeration.

Moscow will put up for sale half of the housing under the renovation program


The Russian capital plans not only to repay its expenditures for the renovation program in the amount of 3 trillion rubles, but also to earn money. To do this, it needs to sell at least 15 million square meters of housing for about 140 thousand rubles for each square meter.

Moscow real estate will face a fall in prices


Analysts blame the Moscow renovation program, which will accelerate the decline in the cost per square meter.

Where residents of Khrushchev-era apartment blocks will be relocated


Moscow authorities have found about 150 sites where it is theoretically possible to build houses for displaced people from the ​​Khrushchev-era apartment blocks.

Oleg Burlakov bought the largest sailing yacht in the world


The businessman named his yacht after the ship from the famous film "Pirates of the Caribbean" - "Black Pearl".