Tariko Rustam


Rustam Tariko stopped serving Zubrovka to Poles


The buyer of the alcoholic company CEDC was the juice producer Tedi. For a company that sells almost half of all vodka in Poland, they are ready to pay $ 1 billion.

Rustam Tariko does not have time to beat off creditors


The companies of the Rustam Tariko group received a pre-trial claim for bond debt of $ 757 million from creditors. Lenders also hired an appraiser to determine the value of 49% of the shares of Russian Standard Bank pledged by debt.

Rustam Tariko varnishes his bank with scotch whiskey


Banker Rustam Tariko, amid a critical financial situation, decided to produce Scotch whiskey. The businessman’s spiteful critics have already begun to spread rumors about the inappropriate behavior of the owner of the Russian Standard.

Rustam Tariko again became the vodka king


According to the results of the year, Roustam Tariko alcohol holding Roust turned out to be the largest vodka producer in Russia, overtaking the Beluga Group and Tatspirtprom. Such a result was provided by record sales of cheap vodka, which accounts for 50% of the market.

Rustam Tariko will be brazing Russians brandy


The scandalous businessman is trying to get into the second largest segment of the Russian alcohol market after vodka.

Inexpensive vodka helped Roust to become the largest producer


Holding Roust Rustam Tariko in the first half of 2018 increased production of vodka by 32% compared with January-June 2018.

Lenders accuse Russian Standard of violating its rights


They accused the bank's shareholders of violating their rights.

Holders of the default bonds of the company Rustam Tariko divided into two camps


The first group demanded to pay off the papers and threatens to collect 49% of shares of the bank "Russian Standard", the second wants to reissue bonds.

Bank "Russian Standard" was beating in agony


The loan portfolio of the Russian Standard Bank in the priority card segment for April declined by 4.2%. The new team of the bank for two years and did not manage to achieve its growth. The head of the bank, Rustam Tariko, will not save anything.

Investors sent Rustam Tariko for a pledge


Holders of defaulted bonds rejected the restructuring proposed by him.

Russian Standard defaulted on eurobonds


The holders intend to recover the collateral on these securities - 49% of the shares of the bank "Russian Standard".