Tatiana Golikova


Retailers were not allowed to sell drugs


After leaving the government of the Russian Federation, Igor Shuvalov, a lobbyist for allowing retail chains to sell over-the-counter drugs, his successor Tatyana Golikova withdrew this project from the Cabinet's agenda. That's why the project of Sergei Chemezov and his partner Alexander Vinokurov was torpedoed.

Who entered and who left the government of Russia


In the new government, ten vice-premiers and twenty-one ministers, and five vice-premiers and nine ministers left.

Madame Arbidol can return to the government


The scandalous head of the Accounts Chamber can lead a social bloc in the government and supervise public health.

Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Health disrupted the project of connecting hospitals to a unified healthcare system


According to the Accounts Chamber, this will lead to a shortage of budget funds.

Screwups of the Helmholtz Research Institute deprived patients of sight


In Russia, desperate attempts are made to silence up the disgusting scandal, which broke up in late September at the Moscow Helmholtz Scientific Research Institute for Eye Diseases.