William Browder


HSBC has to pay almost 2 billion rubles for the debts of William Browder's Kalmyk company


Such a court decision creates a dangerous precedent for international companies.

Denis Katsyv's lawsuit reached court hearing


American prosecutor's office failed to delay the court process. 

Rural judge and raider Konstantin Ponomarev defeated IKEA


The Russian legislation is helpless against the court of Krasnaya village, Smolensk Oblast. 

English echo of Gazprom


What stands behind the recognition by the High Court of London of the authority of Kirill Nogotkov, the bankrupcy supervisor of OOO Dalnyaya Step. 

"Dalnyaya Step" will be judged in an English manner


William Browder was summoned to the London court.

The prosecutor in New York is looking for witnesses for Browder in a Russian prison


In the first process under the US Magnitsky list, evidence against Russian businessman Denis Katsyv and his Prevezon Holdings can be given by Dmitry Baranovsky convicted for extortion.