Yarovaya Irina


Russia was not ready for the "package of laws" by Irina Yarovoy


In Russia, no equipment has been created to implement the "Yarovoi Law", which came into force on July 1 and obliged telecommunications companies to store mobile and Internet traffic for six months for special services and law enforcement agencies.

"MegaFon" began to invest in the "law of Yarovoi"


The company increased capital expenditures. They will then be shifted to the consumers' shoulders.

Yarovaya found on the Internet a new object to block


On the turn, sites that encourage children to commit wrongdoing.

How Russian officials get rid of business and real estate abroad


Declaration of income for 2016 will be published in the near future. In order not to violate the law, officials divorced spouses, they sell the business partners and family or transfer assets in trust.